With the improvement in technology, almost everything you know has undergone changes. And most of the changes are for the better. Even your same old TV is no more the same. You would remember times when you had to rush through some chore or perhaps wait for a long time till the broadcasters aired the show or movie that you wanted to watch.

This culture has now changed. And it is all thanks to the Android TV Box.

This Android TV Box is a humble box that helps to convert your conventional TV into a smart TV. You no longer need to be at the mercy of the broadcasters. All you need is internet connection, a top end Android TV box something like the MXQ Pro 4K and your TV is ready to roll.

It can perform functions very much like the computer or even a smart mobile phone.

What are the main functions of an Android TV Box?

The Android TV Box mainly aims at making your TV work like a smart phone. You can now surf the internet using your TV. You can also use the TV to stream live videos. It is usual for people to use apps like Netflix to view their favorite TV shows or movies. You can now do the exact same thing with your TV.

You can install many apps from the Google Play Store and make use of them on your TV. You can also create documents on your TV as well.

What are the types of Android TV Boxes?

Different manufacturers have different variations. But basically they are all units that can be connected to the TV and link it with the internet connection using Wi-Fi or Ethernet and use the TV like a smart TV.

You can check out some of the top Android TV Boxes like the MXQ Pro 4K. Some of its specifications are as follows:

  • The internal Storage memory: 1GB DDR3
  • Storage is 8GB NAND FLASH along with SD card slot available.
  • The video output is HDMI 2.0 AV
  • The Video Codec: 4K@Hz video decoding 10-bit HEVC and AVS+Codec support.

Is Your Handbag Ergonomic?

While it is convenient to choose fashion over function when it comes to shoes and handbags, it might not be the best thing to do. The reason is simple; ergonomics. It won’t be long before your ignorance of ergonomics takes a toll on your shoulders and feet. Continued stress and load on any one side of the shoulder can lead to chronic neck pain, shoulder pain and lower back ache. It could also affect your posture and make you slouch.

If you are carrying your handbag inappropriately, you can also expect your center of gravity to shift and your upper trapezius muscles to unnecessarily stiffen. Investing in a handbag that gives you more options than to simply carry it on side, is a better alternative.

A practical solution

However, following ergonomics does not necessarily mean compromising on your fashion quotient. Owing to technological advancements, we do have a wide range of choices in designer brands like Gucci, LV, Chanel etc that give us the option to choose more comfortable handbags.

You can pick a cross-b0dy bag from any one of these brands and reduce the load on one side of your body. A cross-body bag is more efficient at distributing the weight throughout your body. This significantly reduces the strain on your shoulder and keeps annoying aches at bay.

A purse or a handbag that has different strap options is ideally what you should consider investing in. You can switch between carrying it over the shoulder, cross-body and holding it as a clutch. This will reduce the stress on your overused trapezius muscles.

Among LV handbags that go over the shoulder, the Clery Pochette is one such piece that can be worn on the shoulder, as cross-body and carried as a clutch by the top handle. Needless to say, it runs high on the fashion quotient while being functional at the very same time.


Tips For New Vloggers

Often YouTube video sharers or the vloggers make videos themselves without any help. They are the solo videographers who are responsible for handling the equipment, lighting and editing them with proper software etc. Some have experience and some do not have experience in it.

Here are few tips for such solo Vloggers who have to handle everything.

  • Right Equipment: Right equipment may portray a perfect video. This does not mean that a vlogger must purchase a camera that is well suited for taking a movie. But, it has to be such that the camera involves all the features like optimal Image stabilization, microphone, proper image clarity and soon. When you have the right equipment and Easy to use camera, great for vlogging.
  • Enough Lighting: Use proper lighting for your videos. The flash light available in the camera alone is not enough to capture an excellent video. Explicit lighting boxes are required to have proper lighting.  Certain videos require or can be captured in natural lighting. So, choose the lighting based on that.
  • Proper Distance: A video taken too closely and the one that has been taken a very long distance cannot be a good video. The distance between the camera and the object or the person must be such that it provides a clear view on what is focused. Remember that a very close view may scare the viewers and a distant view may not provide proper focus.
  • Edit properly: Even though you are the solo Vlogger, it is important to edit it properly. Knowledge about different editing software may help you to edit the video effectively. Do not rush through the editing. Editing requires patience. Complete the editing part and double check it before sharing it in vlog else you may end up in redoing the entire video again.

Never step back just because you are new to Vlogging.  Use the tips and start capturing your video for vlogging.


What To Expect When You Buy A Hard Drive For Your Xbox 360?

Buying a gaming console is very exciting. However, you will soon find out that with every upgrade or new installation you seem to be running out of space. Having enough storage capacity is important for any gaming enthusiast. Without adequate storage, saving a game in progress for later play, installing a new version, or upgrading seems tedious and impossible.

Xbox 360 users often complain of having to juggle their games back and forth for lack of adequate space. An entry-level Xbox 360 comes with limited storage and the higher versions come with so many added features and functions enough to consume quite a bit of space on the internal drive. Hence the need for an Xbox 360 hard drive, that allows you a huge storage capacity and the scope to play many games.

When you are looking for external storage it is imperative that gamers know some necessary information about the general memory options that are available with an Xbox 360 to avoid buying incompatible hard drives which could damage the console.

Gamers need to research and make informed choices. For example, a 100-200GB storage is convenient of you are not very keen on games with downloadable add-ons or other content like music, digital media etc.,

The hard drive options that you are looking at must be compatible with the Xbox 360 whether the old one or the latest redesigned version. There are hard drives which have a storage capacity of 4GB which is basic and 20GB, 320GB, 60Gb, 12GB, 250GB and so on. The ones with a greater storage capacity cost more. Choose a hard drive with a memory capacity as per your requirements.

Every hard drive roughly uses some of the space available for formatting and other functions. Keep this in mind when you choose one. Check for the actual storage available for the user before you choose a hard drive. Remember that greater user-accessible GB means more capacity to store online gaming content, music, videos etc.,

We hope this information is useful in helping you choose a suitable memory option for your Xbox 360.

How Does Chainsaw Works?

The World is changed a lot and the reason is the revolution in sawing industries due to chainsaw; a wood cutting tool or machine. There are lots of tools available in the market to cut trees and some small tasks which a Gardner does. There are lots of things which a user can do but he/she need to know that how this tool works and information regarding mechanical parts. Well, there are mainly two types available which are mainly due to their power sources.

Both of these chainsaws are made for a different kind of work according to their power.

How does Gasoline Powered Chainsaw work?

Most of the chainsaw work on the same mechanism and that is crankshaft rotate in order to rotate chain on the guide bar. The chain is made of strong and volatile alloy which doesn’t break easily. When Sawyer uses this to cut tree then the chain’s blade rotate on high speed for maximum impact on the surface. The thing which matter is angle used by Sawyer because cutting through wrong will end up breaking sharp teeth of a chain. The Sawyer has to fill gasoline mixing with oil in the fuel tank and when he pulls starter rope then crankshaft rotates with the piston inside two cycle engine.


The majority of people use chainsaw just for the purpose of limbing, bucking as well as felling. A machine which is this powerful also has safety guideline and there are also some safety related things added in it after the first launch. There is a clutch which is good for safety as well as the Sawyer don’t waste fuel. Accident is very common with sawyer but nowadays, chainsaw are safer due to safety gears available in market. Using chainsaw on rough material can be harmful so taking precaution is much better.


People who wish to make their brand or product open on a social media forum usually opt for YouTube as this is one of the best social media platforms that provide a huge target audience. The same applies to musicians and other talents that require a platform where they can attract viewers.

One might work extremely hard and make a power packed video that has everything to take your brand or work to the next level. But getting numerous views does not work that way. At the most, a person might get a few hundred views naturally through family, friends etc. As any average YouTube viewer will not want to open a video that has just a handful of views, likes or comments. As it gives the viewer an impression that the video is probably not worth their time. But that is definitely not the aim. Then what must one do?

What are the ways to get maximum YouTube views?

The ideal way is obviously to just upload the video and let the viewers do the next on their own. But this comes with a big risk of being ignored by viewers owing to low viewers or likes.

The next way is to publicize and request all family, friends, acquaintances to view, like, share and comment on your video.

The final and the convenient option you have is to buy YouTube views, likes, comments and subscriptions. One of the ways to get more plays on YouTube is to simply buy them from places like this. It is safe, reliable, cost effective and will do everything it can to make your video viral.

The site is very much well known to have made many videos viral. And in fact is responsible for making numerous videos into chart busters as well. Their service is efficient and will deliver the required plays within 24-72 hours of time.

They have a wide range of packages of plays, like and comments to choose from. Their payment method is safe too.