How Does Chainsaw Works?

The World is changed a lot and the reason is the revolution in sawing industries due to chainsaw; a wood cutting tool or machine. There are lots of tools available in the market to cut trees and some small tasks which a Gardner does. There are lots of things which a user can do but he/she need to know that how this tool works and information regarding mechanical parts. Well, there are mainly two types available which are mainly due to their power sources.

Both of these chainsaws are made for a different kind of work according to their power.

How does Gasoline Powered Chainsaw work?

Most of the chainsaw work on the same mechanism and that is crankshaft rotate in order to rotate chain on the guide bar. The chain is made of strong and volatile alloy which doesn’t break easily. When Sawyer uses this to cut tree then the chain’s blade rotate on high speed for maximum impact on the surface. The thing which matter is angle used by Sawyer because cutting through wrong will end up breaking sharp teeth of a chain. The Sawyer has to fill gasoline mixing with oil in the fuel tank and when he pulls starter rope then crankshaft rotates with the piston inside two cycle engine.


The majority of people use chainsaw just for the purpose of limbing, bucking as well as felling. A machine which is this powerful also has safety guideline and there are also some safety related things added in it after the first launch. There is a clutch which is good for safety as well as the Sawyer don’t waste fuel. Accident is very common with sawyer but nowadays, chainsaw are safer due to safety gears available in market. Using chainsaw on rough material can be harmful so taking precaution is much better.


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